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Mt. Zion's Mask Policy Update


Starting on Sunday, 8/8/21, Mt. Zion is requiring masks to be worn when inside the building. 

In light of the increase in COVID cases due to the delta variant, the CDC recommendations, and the vulnerability of our children who cannot get the vaccine, we will be requiring masks (regardless of vaccination status) while inside the building during worship service and other functions. 

Those who are on the platform talking or singing will be able to take off their masks. We ask everyone to love their neighbor enough to wear a mask.

The church will continue to provide masks for those who may need one. We have sanitizing stations throughout the church and we've installed a new air filtration system. 

Do not let this cause you to be too fearful to come back to church services and to minister to those inside and outside the church. As A.W. Tozer said, "A frightened world needs a fearless Church". We will continue to be wise and take necessary safety precautions but we will not operate with a spirit of fear (which does not come from God). 

We will continue to review what's happening and make updates as needed. Let’s continue to be vigilant in our personal safety measures (masks, washing/sanitizing hands, teaching our children good hygiene practices, etc., and please consider taking the vaccine) and pray for God’s protection over our families, church family, and others and His mercy to end this pandemic.

Your under-shepherds,

Elder Willie Harris, Jr.
Elder Wayne Bullock
Elder Sean Cherry
Elder Bobby Dunn


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