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Praise Report, Theological Seminar, Church-Wide Prayer Rally (Pastoral Emphasis for 8/14)

Many of you know and have been praying for Sis. Angela Perry's daughter who is battling terminal cancer. I received the following praise report from Sis. Perry... “Hello Pastor Harris,  The Dr operated on my daughter Monica to remove cancer cells from her body. I was told after the operation my daughter was terminal and had one, two or three months to live. Well, today the Dr inform us there is no growth of cancer cells in her body. God is the Miracle Worker and I cannot thank Him enough. Thanks to you and all you do. Thanks to everyone in Mt Zion Church for their prayers.  Blessings Always,  Angela Boles Perry”  We praise God for a young lady who recently came forward: Chyna Harris, age 16 who trusted Christ as her personal Savior and is a baptism candidate. Please register for our next Theological Seminar on 8/27 where we'll be addressing the questions:  Did we choose God first or does He choose us?  Who did Jesus die for? Did Jesus die for everyone?  Did Jesus’ death merel
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August Birthdays & Anniversaries, Theological Seminar, VBS Back to School Drive (Pastoral Emphasis for 8/7)

Happy Birthday to our August babies ... Happy Anniversaries to our August couples ... This month's Senior Birthday Surprise goes to Sis. Carol Covington! Who did Jesus die for? Did Jesus die for everyone? Did Jesus’ death merely make salvation possible for everyone or did it actually accomplish the work of redemption for the elect? Join us on 8/27 for our next Theological Seminar on the doctrines of election and definite atonement.  Don’t forget to bring your donations for our VBS Back to School Drive . Join us as we serve the community by blessing students and teachers with back to school items and backpacks. The drive ends on 8/14.

What's Forgiveness Have To Do With It?, Living a Legacy 2, VBS Back to School Drive (Pastoral Emphasis for 7/31)

We've finished part 3 of our Leviticus series and will be taking a break until 8/28.  Next Sunday, I'll be preaching for Pastor Patricio Wilson at Christ Family Church for their morning service. I would appreciate your prayers.  We welcome Sis. Davida Hamilton along with her son RJ who recently joined on Christian Experience and is a Candidate for Baptism.  We also welcome Sis. Lisa Pemberton who has completed New Members Orientation and her membership interview. Since we've had a lot discussions and questions regarding forgiveness recently, we're going to focus on that as our topic next month. Join us for “What's Forgiveness Have To Do With It?” as our August Foundation Fellowship series.  Join us and invite a friend for our Living A Legacy part 2 on 8/6. This seminar will explore what you need to know to build a legacy for the future with estate planning. You will not want to miss this seminar. You can register here . It's time for the VBS Back to School D

Living a Legacy 2, Leadership Training on Missions, Church Family Meeting (Pastoral Emphasis for 7/24)

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” So it was a joy today to baptize two young boys today, ages 7 and 14.  Back in February, we had a seminar on estate planning called Living A Legacy . It was such a great topic and needed discussion that we're having part 2 on Saturday, August 6. We will explore what you need to know to build a legacy for the future. We will discuss your aspirations and how to avoid some of the common mistakes that can rob your family’s inheritance. This is a must-attend discussion. Please register here . On Friday, 7/29 at 6:30pm, the Missions Ministry is having a Leadership Training on Missions to encourage mission activities in our church. All who are ministry leaders are especially invited to attend.  Next Sunday, we're having our Church Family Meeting right after the service. We'll be having important elections for our Board of Directors. All members are asked to attend.

Prayer Rally, Church Family Meeting, Leadership Training on Missions (Pastoral Emphasis for 7/17)

We welcome Sis. Lesa Pemberton who has joined Mt. Zion on Christian experience and is a candidate for baptism. Our next Prayer Rally will be Tuesday, 7/19, from 7 to 8pm. Our Titus 2 Women's Ministry will be hosting the rally and it will be at the church in the sanctuary as well as on Webex . Join us for a time of corporate prayer. If you can't make it, you can submit your prayer request online .  To all of our members, please mark your calendar for our next Church Family Meeting  on 7/31 right after the service.  The Missions Ministry is having a Leadership Training on Missions to encourage mission activities in our church. All who are ministry leaders are especially invited to attend. 

VBS Conclusion, Bereavements, Youth Outreach Recap (Pastoral Emphasis for 6/26)

Today is the conclusion of our VBS Food Truck Party . We've been on a roll with God. Our theme is God is good and God is great. Our memory verse is Matthew 6:11 (ESV): "Give us this day our daily bread". On Wednesday, we looked at how God provided manna and quail in Exodus 16.  On Thursday, we looked at Elijah, the widow, and the endless supply of oil in 1 Kings 17.  On Friday, we looked at Daniel and friends eating the good stuff in Daniel 1.  On Saturday, we looked at Jesus feeding the 5000 (and more) in John 6.  Today, we looked at Jesus cooking the catch of the day from John 21:1-17 in the sermon, "It is the Lord". Please continue to pray for the following members are experiencing bereavements : Bro. Mike Jerkins (passing of his mother)  Sis. Cheryl Martin (passing of two aunts)  We welcome the following family who has recently joined : Latisha Boney and her sons, Kaleb (age 15) and Kaiden Hunter (age 11) joined on Christian Experience and are Candidates for

Homegoing Celebration for Joseph Farrow, Happy Father's Day, VBS (Pastoral Emphasis for 6/19)

Our dear brother, Joseph Farrow, went home to be with the Lord last week. His Homegoing Celebration will be tomorrow, June 20th at 1 pm. The viewing will be at 12:00 pm. I want to encourage everyone who is available to come out and support the family. Please keep the family in your prayers.  Several church members are experiencing bereavements in their families so please pray for them. Deacon Phil Blango's uncle recently passed following an illness.  Sis. Mersedes Griffin's granddaughter lost her husband last week after a brief illness. He was only 37. Bro. Mike Jerkins' mother passed last night. Praise God for these young people who came forward last Sunday after the Youth Service. Charlize Harris, age 14 - Trusted Christ & a candidate for baptism  Exavier Martin, age 7 - Trusted Christ & candidate for baptism Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers.  Mt. Zion is blessed to have so many men who are great fathers! Like Mother's Day, Father's Day can be toug